The Job
The role would be to largely oversee the execution of all marketing efforts in Ghana, led by the Marketing Manager in Zambia.

The Duties
• Candidate must have a strong understanding of best practice across all major digital platforms.
• Role will entail building relationships with various media owners, influencers and suppliers alike, negotiating services offered on behalf of our business.
• Responsible for overseeing the updating and management of our digital assets (website, social media, banners, building branding etc).
• The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the Ghana marketing team’s day to day activities within the marketing sphere and ensuring deliverables are met.
• Campaigns and strategy is to be led by the Marketing Manager in Zambia.
• The role will entail working closely with the Marketing Manager in Zambia to feedback on campaigns in the system, successes and improvements that need to be made.
• It will be up to the Marketing Activations Manager to share proposed budgets or quotations for work needed for Ghana. This will then be managed and approved by the Marketing Manager in Zambia.
• The position requires constant communication with the marketing team in Ghana, as well as Zambia.
• A good work ethic and eagerness to improve on the business outcome is essential.

Your Experience & Qualifications
• Minimum 3 years’ experience working in digital marketing.
• Experience in booking and negotiating with media houses; ie. Radio, tv, outdoor.
• Tertiary education in Marketing favourable.

About Our Client
The Client is a relatively young and dynamic RETAILER: young team looking to grow their in-house marketing capability.

It fosters a ‘teamwork’ like approach and allows for a more agile way of working in a retail market that demands quick turn around and out of the box thinking that will continue to grow the brand.

Both Ghanaian and Zambian sites/ premises run similar campaigns and
have the same stock offering. Therefore, we are striving to create synergies where ever possible in order to amplify efforts by leveraging off one another’s marketing budgets.

By the end of the year, we hope to share the successes of our market synergies with the remaining African markets to on-board them and unlock further budgets.

How- to Apply

Please send your CV in Word (we do not work with PDF-files – read for the ‘why’) to CV @ HIREgh . com (<–please remove the empty spaces) and use ‘‘Digital Activation Manager‘ in your email’s title/ subject line

Unless you have the required hands-on experience, please DO NOT apply for this role- DIGITAL MARKETING is a heavy component of this role.

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