• 5000 -8000 GHC for a Retail Floor Manager/Manageress – Accra

Preferred Age 25-40

Gender: Any

Smile: Plenty


What we are looking for

Simply put, a very organized Floor Manager who can hands-on supervise all floor activity. That includes:

  • assisting customers,
  • monitoring staff,
  • coordinating stock transfers and
  • managing inventory.

The Floor Manager is responsible for ensuring that all floor requirements are met.

To be successful as a Floor Manager you should have excellent interpersonal skills and be very very organized. You must also promote the company culture to the staff members and set a high standard for them.


Partial List of Your Responsibilities:

  • Supervise staff
  • A hands-on floor management approach (you cannot sit in a chair and give orders)
  • Train staff to perform allocated roles
  • Manage inventory and monitor stock levels
  • Coordinate stock transfers
  • Weekly report on property/ stock loss (theft and damage inventory)
  • Assist customers with any queries or requests
  • Set a high standard of discipline and respect among the staff
  • Promote company culture to staff members


Other Requirements:

  • Prior experience in a managerial position
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Prior experience in Sales & Retail in particular
  • Highly organized
  • Very knowledgeable of the Accra market with a strong network


How-to Apply:

Please send you 1-2 pages CV strictly in Word (we do not accept PDF files) to CV at HIREgh dot com (replace ‘at’ and ‘dot’ with the right symbols and remove the empty spaces) and type “Floor Manager” in the subject/title of your email.

Only successful applicants will be contacted for a follow up please.

Thank you + Good Luck,


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