We are looking for a Pediatrician or a general MD practitioner with clinical pediatrics experience for a 6-12 months assignment with MSF in Sierra Leone.


Who is MSF?

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known in English as Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian medical NGO of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.  They are the people who really make a difference!!!

Please visit their website to learn more about the MSF organization: https://www.msf.org

Their medical trainings, is an initiative that has been created with the aim to increase the quality of health care provided by our staff to the patients we assist in the missions. They

focus more specifically in the countries with the most acute needs and gaps in their medical HR, and at present all activities are taking place or planned in Africa. 

MSF aims to maintain the same overall educational approach in all its projects: competency– based learning; as much as possible on-the-job training with the presence of strong tutors; and seeking to achieve appropriate accreditation for all trainings, often in collaboration with partner teaching institutes.


Background of the Sierra Leone Project

  • In 2019 – literally just a few months ago, MSF has opened a pediatric hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone, the hospital is run 100% under MSF responsibility, in agreement with the Ministry of Health of the country. The hospital is planned to grow further and also a maternity will be added to the medial services.
  • The situation of the health professional in Sierra Leone is problematic. There are very few MDs in the country, and it appears impossible for MSF to integrate generalist or specialist MDs from Sierra Leone to the hospital team. In practice, the medical-clinical work is carried out by clinical health officers, strongly supported by expatriate MDs, that take on a strong substitutive role. Also, the number of qualified nurses in the country is insufficient, most of the nursing tasks in the hospital are carried out by community health workers. For all these reasons, MSF develops a program of medical and nursing learning with the hospital project team.
  • As there are no medical doctors available for hospitals outside the capital, most medical-clinical tasks are carried out by community health officer. Their baseline training is that of a community nurse and most of them have quite some years of clinical experience in hospital settings, still we witness that for most of the severely ill patients, they struggle a lot with the clinical management.
  • For this reason the MSF wants to engage in the challenging task to train para-medical staff with a limited basic medical-clinical training background to obtain the competencies to manage clinical care in the field of hospital pediatrics for patients that often present with severe syndromes.


Scope of this role /vacancy:

To accompany /train/mentor/coach the locally enrolled 24 Clinical Heath Officers to achieve a much better level of autonomy in their daily clinical practice.

The CHO only have a basic theoretical training and have very varied clinical experience. Overall, they are not in a position to perform complex clinical tasks autonomously. Our MSF Healthcare Training Unit will organise a competency based training of the CHO for this purpose.

The hospital attracts many critically ill children, and constant presence of international MDs is required to safe-guard good clinical management.


FYI: HIREghana has placed 7 Nursing Tutors from December to end- February there and a Medical Leaning Officer at the begin of May 2019


Job Brief / Main functions of the position:

  • Identify in detail the training needs of the CHO.
  • Develop, in collaboration with other members of the MSF in Europe and the MSF team in SL, the training strategy, the curriculum and the planning.
  • Interact with partners that could bring resources for this training
  • Implement the training activities in the hospital environment
EducationMedical Degree with specialization in paediatrics, or general doctor with strong clinical experience in pediatrics 
ExperienceStrong experience in clinical teaching (3 years minimum) Experience working in the health sector in Africa Experience in adult pedagogical practice and use/development of appropriate tools 
LanguageExcellent command of English, both written and spoken 
KnowledgeEssential computer literacy (word, excel and internet) 


Starting date: asap – ideally July 2019



· max 2000 Euros + a monthly allowance of about 300 for food etc.

Accommodation is provided by MSF.


How to Apply?

Send us your 2-page CV in Word (so NO PDF files please)  to:

CV @ HIREgh . com (remove empty spaces) with ‘MSF Pediatrics Trainer’ in your email’s Subject/ Title line


Next Steps:

2 in-depth interviews with HIREghana 

1 Motivation Letter (we tell you how to do it)

1-3 Skype + possibly one in-person interviews with MSF


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