NOTE: This is a highly- selective programme. Even if that means admitting just 1 person.

The aim is to help create sustainable and scalable HR-related companies that can both grow and provide employment; it is not an abstract training program and no certificates will be awarded.


During the past 2+ years, my associates and I have mentored people from the Founders Institute, StartupBootCamp, MEST, etc and of course we have seen what is missing or what is done wrong (although MEST is our favorite).

What we frequently see is:

  • a lot of dreaming but no full, complete, thorough follow-up
  • big talk but no action from either side
  • fake hopes, letting entrepreneurs believe that they can easily get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of GHS or $ (not really the case in Ghana)
  • lack of structure (no the business canvas does not replace a business plan)
  • low quality deliverables from the entrepreneurs
  • mentoring /coaching from very inexperienced people
  • unethical mentors or incubation-directors
  • …so many other things

The sad truth is that most Africans, enter an incubation program just to postpone unemployment for a year.

Our Aim

We simply want to help you create scalable companies who will give jobs to people. SDGs aside, we strongly believe that having food on the table coming from a job with dignity, is the 1st step in alleviating poverty; then comes WASH and then electricity, internet, education, etc…

We will choose the proposals that we think that are realistic, will interview those future business founders and we will select 5-10 people.

And, we plan to make zero-profit or any financial gain in any form out of it!! For us, this is goodwill, good karma, good CSR, and that good feeling of helping someone without anything in return.

The incubation might last 5-8 meetings of 2-4 hrs each.
This is an idea in progress, so nothing is set yet in stone.

We are also exploring partnership- ideas but that will depend on the proposals received.

Finally, we plan to meet early evenings or on Saturdays, depending on space availability.

No certificates of attendance or completion will be issued.

Costs involved

We are looking for possible space to meet… At worse, it can be somewhere in one of the Malls – remember we plan to keep it very small and free.

If things go South and there is a majority agreement, we might rent a classroom/meeting space and share equally those renting costs

Bring your own food and drinks if you have to. Bootstrap!!!

Who should apply?

  • Females preferred; any minority too!!
  • Must have HND – bachelors or Master’s preferred. Ideally: No MBAs or any other professional degree please
  • Every religion is welcome
  • No political discussions nor any discrimination will be tolerated
  • Your StartUp idea should have to do with a problem in the HR or the Recruitment & Staffing Industriesanything but a Recruitment Agency. We would love to see ‘marriage’ between any HR concepts and other disciplines (eg Travel, Mining, Digital Marketing, etc)
  • It can be an App (eg for performance management or KPIs) or a service (a unique way for Employer Branding) or anything really ‘fresh’ that you can think off. We welcome really wild ideas.
  • But, we lack the expertise to welcome ideas in anything but HR-related topics
  • Please do not apply if you aim to get instantly rich, have no tendency to a real commitment to your very own idea or are not willing to work exceptionally hard or if you just expect any funding at all. We are not venture capitalists and we are a bit against funding.

Your obligations

This is not school, but real life… If you are given an assignment, you are expected to outperform it

It is about building your company and not doing homework!!!

If you miss one meeting too many, you are possibly ‘out’ of this programme. Same with missing any assignment or delivering sub-par work. Remember this is not a school nor generic entrepreneurship training

You are expected to ‘prove’ the scalability of your idea and its revenue mechanism with a max of 4 months

Next Steps

  1. Please register in our distribution list** by answering all questions at (the capitals are very important)
  2. As a backup procedure, be so kind to -please- send the same information to Feel welcome to add a few lines (just a few) describing your idea
  3. Then we will send you a template to submit your ideas along with a submission deadline
  4. We promise to give you a brief 1-2 lines feedback if we reject your idea.

**(we are complying with the Ghana Data protection Act, so your data will be solely used for contacting you for this programme- if not selected, your data will be deleted immediately) (we do not sell mailing lists- never ever did)

We reserve the right to accept proposals and applicants at our discretion and to terminate their attendance at our discretion too at any point in time.

We are very candid, we run a tight ship, we go out of our way to support our people and we strongly believe that if you make it till the end of this programme, you will have a successful startup!

That’s all and good luck please.

Millions of Thanks,