Intern #3 – HRM Surveys Project

(more internship roles will be posted – one every 2-4 days)

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and at )

  1. You must be IT-savvy enough to understand that the collected data have to ‘live’ somewhere and find the ‘right house’ for them, so every stakeholder can access them!!!
  2. You must have a strong HRM or Organizational Design/Development background
  3. You can properly and accurately interpreted data and represent them in a visual form.
  4. You must know how to use both Typeforms and Google Forms

But if you lack the Typeforms skills, learn them immediately and apply!!! Create a sample small HRM survey project with both Typeforms and GoogleForms, and give us your opinion as to how these 2 products compare and a url to see your work. The whole exercise should take a few hours. Your Survey- questionnaire must be a ‘wow’-one!!

Submit that project as your internship application – no CVs please

We also need your LinkedIn profile’s URL.

Application Deadline?

15-30 June 2019

How-To Apply?

Send a cover letter (as an email (the body of your email) -NOT as an attachment) with your Typefomrs & GoogleForms project (the URL) and Linkedin Profile to intern3 @ hiregh . com (remove the empty spaces) and use ‘Summer Intern 3’ in the subject line/ title of your email.

Finally, we need a WhatsApp number to reach you please.

We do not care whether you are unemployed, or short or tall or fat or green or yellow or even had polka dots in your nose; we are also cool with all your religious and sexual beliefs as long as you know how to respect everybody (not just colleagues and customers). We really do not discriminate but we do run with high personal, professional and work ethics.

We work and play really hard (so no 9-5 mentality) and we are all a tight family running a tight ship. We don’t care about name-dropping and how prestigious your school is, but we care to see you adding measurable value to your project(s)

By the way, you need to have exceptional time management skills and your own computer / laptop

Thank you,



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