Who is MSF?

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known in English as Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian medical NGO of French origin best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.  They are the people who really make a difference!!!


Job Brief
Develops and facilitates implementation a professional development strategy for Human Resources for
Health in the project in close collaboration with the Hospital Medical Director and the Hospital Human
Resources Director within the project’s context. Develops implements, manages and facilitates training
programs and learning experiences for paediatric human resources for health in the project with
primary focus on national staff but also with attention to International Staff.

Your job
The Medical Learning Manager
 Develops, in close collaboration with the Medical Learning Coordinator in Kenema, Sierra Leone and
the MSF Academy Project Manager in HQ, the project’s training strategy for Human Resources for
Health with primary focus on the paediatric nursing staff, while looking also at the needs of other
healthcare profiles in coordination with the hospital team.
 Develops evaluation and validation instruments to collect and interpret data to assess organizational
needs and training program effectiveness (learning needs assessment);
 Develops the training content based the identified learning needs;
 Ensures a proper implementation of the training strategy;
 Develops a specific approach to train newly recruited/arrived human resources for health;
 Manages, plans and organizes the training and supervision work of the senior clinical staff staff in the
implementation of the training program;
 Trains, guides and supports all medical staff that have a role in formative supervision and ensures a
pedagogical coherence between the development objectives and the trainers’ methods;
 Shares with Hospital Hr Director and the Medical Learning Coordinator, all information / suggestions /
activities which may have an impact in planning, budget, HR and or medical strategies (i.e. suggested
career path, requested trainings, development events, mobility, etc.);
 Collaborate with Hospital Hr Director in building/updating the annual plan and budget, with regards to
her/his area of work and responsibilities.

Requirements for Medical Learning Manager
Education Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Paediatrics qualification preferred
Experience Minimum 5 years of professional experience post-diploma, with at minimum 2 years
of clinical nursing experience and 3 years in nursing teaching or other positions
relevant to the job description
Experience in designing training curricula and organising trainings for health
Experience in adult pedagogical practice and use/development of appropriate tools
Experience in creating and maintaining networks of trainers and tutors
Experience working in the health sector in Africa is a plus
Languages Excellent command of English, both written and spoken
Knowledge Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
Updates his / her knowledge before each mission, according to the most updated
MSF protocols
Competencies High sense of creativity and interest for innovation, while remaining practical and
Expertise and interest in e-learning, with good computer skills
Ability to manage responsibilities and achieve high-quality results
Excellent organisational ability
Ability to facilitate team work

 Position based within MSF-OCB (operational center Brussels), recruitment is co- managed by MSF
Senegal and MSF-OCB Medical Academy
 12 months of temporary contract – might turn into a permanent one


 Althought there is a minimum of 1300 Euros per month, the salary will be determined in accordance with our international remuneration system, based
on previous experience on similar positions and country of residence
 Housing and other secondary benefits are based on OCBReward Policy.
 Starting date: March /April 2019


How to Apply?

Send us your 2-page CV to CV@ HIREgh. com (remove empty spaces) with ‘MSF’ in your emails subject/ Title line



Next Steps:

2 in-depth interviews with HIREghana (in person – no skype)

1 Motivation Letter (we tell you how to do it)

1 Skype interview with MSF

1 interview in Accra with MSF


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