Intern #1 – WordPress Visual Page Editors

(more internship roles will be posted – one every 2-4 days)

You are an IT / Computer Science or Business Student, but you have your hands already ‘wet’ with WordPress Visual Editors (Divi and/or Elementor)

But if you lack the skills, learn them and apply!!! Create a sample project with Elementor* and let us know about it, so we can provide further guidence or details / requirements please. (see email below)

Submit that project as your internship application – no CVs please

We also need your LinkedIn profile’s URL.

Application Deadline?

15-30 June 2019

How-To Apply?

Send a cover letter (as an email (the body of your email) -NOT as an attachment) your Elementor project (the URL) and Linkedin Profile to intern1 @ hiregh . com (remove the empty spaces) and use ‘Summer Intern 1’ in the subject line/ title of your email.

Finally, we need a WhatsApp number to reach you please.

Thank you,



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*Elementor is available for free to download and there are zero-hosting sites that you can install and play with WordPress and Elementor without buying a domain.