R u a  BUS DEV LADY or an ASPIRING ONE + our neXt Colleague?

Come work for/ with us @HIREghana!

We are looking for 2-3 new Female colleagues in Takoradi and 5-6 ones in Accra.


  • Must have min an HND in any field. Bachelor’s preferred. No MBAs please.
  • You are ideally early 20s, highly motivated, extremely enterpreneurial and willing to start from ‘scratch’.
  • Also, you are extremely: self- reliable, competent, communicative and work with zero supervision (so exceptional time management skills is a MUST).
  • Experience with Direct Sales is a Plus – You must feel at home with any form of cold sales and talking to prospects.
  • You are most welcome if you have work as a bus.dev in a Recruitment and Staffing Agency or have some other headhunting experience, but this is only a MUST for senior roles
  • You MUST INSPIRE TRUST to everyone and Must have compassion for fellow human beings!!!

How-to Apply:

Do NOT send us your CV!

Please- just follow these instructions:

  1. Write an email (whether that is just 1 line, or 1 page, or 3 pages) and convince us that you can do BUS DEV specifically for HIREghana.  Don’t just tell us the obvious- really prove to us the when and how and the measurable results of your experiences. Experience does not always imply or improve ability.
  2. Send us the URLs and/or handles of your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  3. If you are a Senior Business Development / Sales Lady, kindly tell us about your revenue accomplishments during the past 3-5 years

(we reserve the right to check your real salary and employment record and most likely we will do)

This is just the 1st step/ the begin of a lengthy and in-depth interview processes

What else?

We do not care whether you are unemployed, or short or tall or fat or green or yellow or even had polka dots in your nose; we are also cool with all your religious and sexual beliefs as long as you know how to respect everybody (not just colleagues and customers). We really do not discriminate but we do run with high personal, professional and work ethics.

|Depends on where you live, you can work from home as long as you have a notebook and you can manage your time effectively (work from home does not mean doing house-chores during working hours) (yes, we have experienced that). So we do expect you to have high work ethics, integrity and maturity .

We work and play really hard (so no 9-5 mentality) and we are all a tight family running a tight ship. We hire colleagues- not just employees!!!

If money is your motivation, we might not be the right employer for you. Although we provide a minimum basic salary based on your measurable added value, your rather high commission should be your main reward- motivation.

And if you outperform in a consistent manner:

  1. We will not wait till the end of the year to increase your base salary
  2. We are aware of how and when to thank and appreciate colleagues
  3. We will pay the tuition and fees for any professional certification or postgraduate studies you desire as long as it adds value to both you and HIREghana (so an MA in Dance is out of the question). Do you know of a lot of companies in Ghana who do that?
  4. After 2 years, you will get health insurance
  5. Possibility for promotion and even partnership later on, are always there

And, although we will help you / mentor you / coach you, you must prove yourself and even outperform yourself.



PS1: Send the requested material to CV [at] HIREgh  . com please – use ‘Join HIRE‘ in the subject title of your email, please.

PS2: Proving that you are smart, does not get you a job. Proving that besides been smart, you can add value to our clients, our partners, ourselves and our projects most likely will get you the job.

PS3: Ideally you are fluent in Ga, Twi and Ewe (all 3 if possible); French, German, Chinese or Arabic are also welcome

PS4: Obviously you are extremely entrepreneurial, love all customers and colleagues, have human compassion and you are customer-loyalty driven!

PS5: by simply liking or sharing this, you might help a family member/ friend/ colleague/ Church member, to a new job with dignity. We care about it-Tnx