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CV Registration

Please send your CV along with a clear motivational letter describing who you are and what you are looking for, and your current salary indication. Please have a clear subject line referring either to the job title of the advertisement that you are responding to or your areas of expertise. We expect 3-5 Professional References (contact details only) to be included in your motivational letter. By submitting your CV to us you agree to the following: (i) We reserve the right to verify independently -and we do verify- all facts on your CV, including both your employment and education records. (ii) We reserve the right to seek independently -and we will do that- references for you from past and current colleagues. Usually this process takes place when our client is about to make an offer to you.

Candidates' Code of Ethics

We will NOT submit your CV to any client unless: Our candidate sworn and sign our ethics and anticorruption code. Our candidates sign our Nondisclosure Agreement guaranteeing the full confidentiality of any client before, during and long after any contact with the client.


Since every candidate is a unique individual, all mentoring and coaching services are bespoke ones. Among other things we offer: CV Mentoring: we do not rewrite it for you- instead we coach you in learning to write a great CV. Interview- Training. Linkedin Profile Optimization Mentoring on how to setup yourself as a freelancer or interim professional. Career Counseling and Mentoring Executive Coaching for Senior Executives. Other Bespoke Services­ Contact us today for a chat with absolutely no obligation to you.


HIRE provides the full spectrum of Human Resource solutions, mainly focusing on:
(i) Recruitment & Classical Headhunting -includes Internet / Social Media Recruiting
(ii) Executive Search & Selection (both local and International)
(iii) Short-Term/Temporary Employees, Contractors and Interim Personnel Outsourced directly from our payroll to your company: from the temporary Office Cleaner to the Interim CEO.
(iv) Mentoring & Coaching of Management/ Executive personnel.
(v) Assistance in all aspect of the HR process – e.g. defining roles, job descriptions, salary negotiations, auditing and optimizing HR processes, compliance to ISO 9000 & other standards, defining relevant KPIs, Organizational Analysis and Development, etc.

Although not limited to these fields, HIRE focuses on the following sectors: Technology (IT, Telecoms, Manufacturing, etc.) Finance (Banking, Insurance, Accounting, etc.) Highly discrete CxO- Level Executive Search. Shipping, Logistics and Transport, including Supply Chain. Health (Nursing, Food Safety, etc.)Office Administration (Assistants, Customer Service, etc.)T All sorts of Temporary Outsourced Employees, including unskilled labour.

We will search and find for you the right candidates for all your roles from specialized technicians to middle management. Although we expect exclusivity on the assignment, you pay no upfront fee before the 1st day of employement of the accepted and hired candidate we have introduced to you. We will post a relevant advertisement for free in several social media, but we also offer you the possibility to place additional ads at additional cost on Jobberman, LinkedIn, etc. We also work with 3rd parties and we can arrange for all sorts of psychometric tests for a candidate.

HIRE will work only on a retainer- basis on Executive Search, because of the real heavy time- and resource- commitment required to properly find the right senior candidate for such roles; you are probably familiar with the complexity of this process and you understand the need for a HIGH IMPACT stealth search. When you are seeking to make more senior appointments and require a targeted and discreet service, then selecting the right supplier to work in partnership with, is critical to ensure success.HIRE has specialist senior resourcing consultants and associates (e.g. former CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, etc.). The nature of our highly robust Executive Search process means we are well equipped and fully resourced to fulfil requirements in any sector, since we already have particularly strong existing contact- networks within our niche specialized sectors. Our unique executive search service starts with, and relies heavily upon, our ability to understand your unique culture. This deep understanding and our commitment to working in partnership with you, enables us to match your business to people that not only have the skills you desire, but just as importantly the personality to fit with your business culture.

What else we could do? Just ask!
For Example: We will check real reference besides those provided by a Candidate. We will verify Employment, Education and any other fact on a Candidate's CV. We will approach discretely a specific Candidate. We will provide you with a current salary benchmark for a specific position in a specific market. We will help you or advise you on how to plan / prepare for a specific audit or compliance. ..... The possibilities are limitless!


HIRE's Expertise
HIRE has an available and constantly update CV repository of high-caliber candidates and the expertise in producing a relevant short list. Thus, you -the client avoid the time that you would have to invest in going through CV’s, putting up advertisements here and there on multiple Job-boards, scheduling and telephone interviewing/ prescreening candidates and sending emails to rejected candidates. HIRE pus forward to your company only the applicants with the required skillset and skill- level; and that definitely saves you both time and money.

Time and Costs
Unless otherwise specified and agreed with you - the client, there will be no advertising costs for you, and no fee to be paid if a suitable candidate is not found by HIRE - exception is any Executive Search because of the intense time labor and other resources involved. HIRE will advertise the vacancy within its networks and simultaneously search our CV repository. HIRE will supply fully screened and suitably qualified candidates who are available permanently or for the specified period of time. For temporary staff: Once the candidates have been selected, HIRE will carry on the responsibility for employment, payroll and all statutory obligations, including paid holidays, SSNIT contributions, etc. For permanent staff: These candidates will become a full employees of the client so the client will be the one to take on the contractual responsibilities of the candidate as a new employee.

Urgent Requirement
Conventional recruitment might take too long and the results of running an advertisement might take several weeks to gain results. HIRE is often asked to find the right person for your vacancy very quickly and our effective recruitment consultants can sometimes have several candidates' details for your vacancy within an hour. This can be done because our consultant will either know someone perfect for the role and call them and qualify them, or more commonly it could mean doing a quick database search and repeating the steps of calling and qualifying.

The Client is too busy to handle the recruitment themselves
Clients are likely to have a lack of knowledge in the required market sector or they may not have sufficient personnel to handle their own recruitment. So they then rely on their partnership with HIRE to find for them the most suitable candidates for any given vacancy.

Market profile
Smaller companies may not have the brand name or the advertising profile of larger organisations, and a HIRE can help attract the desired candidates. HIRE is usually better positioned to fill specialised roles as we are more likely to have the candidates and contacts already on our CV database.

Anonymity | Confidentiality | Discreetness
You- the client, might wish sometimes wish to to avoid competitors becoming aware of your hiring needs. This is usually the case when you require candidates in skill shortage areas. Anonymity can also be valuable in the small number of cases where your company feels that its advertising profile is not a positive one (e.g. if it is widely known they have a high staff turnover, or that they have may have had some bad press). Also, if you are replacing your CxO, do you want him/her to know about it before a Search is complete?

Advertising fatigue
The last reason that a job will need to be advertised is that if a job has been difficult to fill, and a company has advertised several times. It may help to change tactics by using a third party organisation to advertise the role. Let HIRE take that fatigue away from you!


Having a database of 20.000+ constantly updated high- quality CVs of Ghanaian Candidates, HIRE was created in 2015 by Irene Gloria Addison -and her husband, a former University Professor and C-Level Executive, to formalize her years-long experience in recruiting, mentoring, coaching and training of people in various roles. The 2 directors combine an experience of 40+ years in all levers of Recruiting (from temporary hires all the way to the C-Suite), Organizational Development, Mentoring & Coaching in: Manufacturing, IT, Telecoms, Finance/ Banking, Transport/ Ocean Shipping and Management Consulting.­

HUMAN INTELLIGENCE RECRUITMENT (HIRE) is a Human Resource Management and Recruitment company aimed at providing intelligent and high quality human resource- and recruitment- solutions to business and institutions in all parts of Ghana. HIRE provides the full spectrum of Human Resource solutions / services.

HIRE focus predominantly in the Finance (including Banking and Insurance), Technology, Health, Transport and Office Support sectors. HIRE works in a seamless but transparent manner -to the client- with 3rd party associates that will support a given HR assignment (e.g. psychometric test companies, niche Industry Associates and Experts, etc.).ETHICS & SOCIAL ECONOMIC INTENT
HIRE donates 10% of its annual profits to non-profit organizations and charities devoted to helping Ghanaian teenagers and young adults.

And, above all, we are flexible to work and adjust our offerings to your current needs

Our new currently trademarked service HIRE-by-Subscription allows you for a flat annual or monthly fee to get full replacement of any employee you might loose due to whatever reason. Since this is a highly tailored bespoke service, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs at: +233 266 555 907 or +233 50 228 5155

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