HR- & OD- \’native\’ Speaker? Come +Work for HIREghana! (Females prefered)

HR- & OD- \’native\’ Speaker? Come +Work for HIREghana!
We are looking for 4-5 colleagues with these skills (Females prefered).


Do NOT send us your CV yet!

Please- just follow these instructions:

  1. Read our recent post on setting up an HR organization. If you can\’t find it, no offense- but please do not apply!
  2. Write an email  (whether tat is just 1 line, or 1 page, or 3 pages) and convince us that you can do all or most of the things mentioned in Irene\’s article.  Don\’t just tell us the obvious- really prove to us the when and how and the measureable results of your experiences. Either you can do it or not. Experience does not always improve ability.
  3. At the end of that email, please add a paragraph or 2 convincing us why you want to work for HIREghana.

Write your email\’s subject title in this format please: \”[current of last gross salary] – \’HR- & OD- Native\’ [Employment termination period] \”

(we reserve the right to check your real salary and most likely we will do)

This is just the 1st step/ the begin of a exhaustive and in- depth interview processes that might last 3-5 months.

We do not care whether you are unemployed, or short or tall or fat or green or yellow or even had polkadots in your nose; and we are cool with all your religious and sexual beliefs as long as you know how to respect everybody (not just colleagues and customers). We really do not discriminate but we do run with high personal, professional and work ethics.

We work and play really hard (so no 9-5 mentality) and we are all a tight family running a tight ship.





PS1: We will pay you a fair salary based on what we really believe your value is (if you are making now 1200 cedis and we believe that you should be making 5000 cedis , we will offer you 5000 cedis), plus some obscenely big bonuses for beyond-superb performance, we will sponsor your next University degree, and we will coach you almost 24 x 7 during the first 1-2 years.

PS2: Send the requested material to please.

PS3: Proving that you are smart, does not get you a job. Proving that besides been smart, you can add value to our clients, our partners, ourselves and our projects most likely will get you the job.

PS4: Ideally you are fluent in Ga, Twi and Ewe (all 3 if possible) and French. German & Greek and Chinese or Arabic are also welcome

PS5: Obviously you are extremely entrepreneurial, love all customers and colleagues, have human compassion and you are customer-loyalty driven!

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