ACCRA: 2,000-5,000 net + Commission for junior + senior SALES EXECUTIVES m/f -ideally with DOG FOOD experience, for major African distributor of Leading FMCG brands

Our Client – based in Ghana too- a distributor of Leading FMCG Brands, is looking for a

Junior + Senior SALES EXECUTIVES m/f

(age doesn’t mater- sales ability does)

Location: ACCRA with Sales – visits to Kumasi

You need to have Sales experience in FMCG, beverages, cosmetics or something similar NO Banking or Insurance people please.

We want someone ideally with DOG FOOD SALES EXPERIENCE please


The Client

The Client is a 40 yrs old international company with 150+ employees -based in Africa, and is a major distributor of leading FMCG brands.

They are is a full ‘lifecycle’ FMCG distributor, managing and controlling the entire value chain- for example the FMCG import, supply chain, logistics, distribution, sales and promotion.

They source and distribute Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) from both the domestic and international markets.

They are for almost 10 yrs in Ghana owning their offices, warehouses and properties.



These are full-time roles.

As a Sales & marketing Manager you should be able/responsible for

  1. High numeric distribution in key areas across Ghana you should be able to general saales leads and close the sale(s)
  2. Deep local market knowledge and the ability to recognize changing lifestyles and introduce new products.
  3. Sustainable long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers world-wide
  4. Defined customer service policy
  5. Leading brands
  6. Tailored sales strategy
  7. Sophisticated support structure
  8. Tailored route to market strategy
  9. A network and background in veterinary services and dog food sales is an advantage.
  10. ..the Sales Executives should be able to answer all queries from customers, offer advice, introduce new products and perform sales too

As a senior professional, you should know what to do and lead the Sales effort, instead of looking for a standard job description with lists of tasks.


Minimum Qualifications

For the Seniro Sales Executives:

— 5+ years FMCG experience and a Bacheors in Business (marketing option) or something similar

—Ability to manage a team

For the Sales Executives:

—3 years FMCG experience and minimum an HND in Marketing or Finance

For both roles we we expect:

—Excellent communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills

—Proven ability to operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

—Ability to build strong relationships and work effectively with cross-functional team.

—Experience working in a global organization is a plus.


Working conditions

These are mostly a 5-day per week roles- occasional travel (mostly to Kumasi)is an integral part of the sales function



Salary + Benefits

Target Base Salary for these roles is 2.000- 5.000 net – depending on your experience and qualifications please.

Commission is negotiable and will be defined during your interview

There is no car allowance at the moment but if you use your own car , the company will compensate fuel and car maintenance


How-to Apply

As a  professional, we expect you to properly follow these instructions please:

  1. Apply only if you really qualify – must have solid FMCG Sales experience as described above-
  2. please no candidates with Banking or Insurance Sales experience!! for 5+ yrs
  3. your CV should have accomplishments – including revenue accomplishments -and not a mere list of tasks/duties per role – a generic CV will not ‘fly’ with the client.
  4. Send us your highly customized 2-3 page  CV (longer CVs will be rejected since they do not reflect an ability to communicate with brief focused clear sentences)  CV in Word (so NO PDF files please)  to: CV @ HIREgh . com (remove empty spaces) with the appropriate heading: ‘Dog Food + FMCG Sales’  in your email’s subject/ Title line.
  5. If you just type executive or Sales manager, your CV will be processed but ‘lost’ in our CV repository
  6. Ideally, use Arial font No 10 for all of your CV and Arial font No 12 and capitals for your headings, please
  7. Also, please indicate when is the earlier that you can start
  8. Give us your WhatsApp number please
  9. Once again: DO NOT SEND a CV that is 4 pages long nor a CV in PDF format or as GoogleDoc –our ATS is set to ignore CVs longer than 3 pages
  10. Please: No Google Docs either – we do not have permission to open them and getting one from you is too complex
  11. A FAIR WARNING: if you don’t customize your CV don’t expect that it will go through with flying colors and the client will invite you for an interview
  12. If you don’t follow these instructions, you will not be considered for these roles


We are looking forward to receiving your CV and meeting with you this week.

Thank you,



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  • We do NOT charge any fees – basically we do NOT work for you; so be extremely polite with us
  • We will ignore any application if our instructions are not followed (up).
  • We might amend, delete or expire jobs at any time without notification.
  • We reserve the right not to proceed with filling the position.
  • An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview.
  • We only follow up with successful candidates.
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