SOLD OUT !!!! HIREghana\’s July 27th JobHunting Training at GTUC Tesano in Accra

SOLD OUT please




This is the information page for the July 27th JobHunting Training!!


Who is HIREseminars?

HIREseminars is the Jobhunting and Workplace Training of HIREghana.

It is a training service specializing in all sorts of Soft Skills Trainings at any level. Technically JobHunting is a Soft Skills Training.


The July 27th Training

Location: GTUC at Tesano

Time: 8 am – 12 noon if you choose the morning session; 1 pm – 5 pm if you choose the afternoon one


What will you learn

There will be at least 3 trainers, including Mrs. Irene Gloria Addison. The topics to be covered are:

  • CV Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Cover Letter
  • Interviewing Tips
  • Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Branding for JobHunters.

We will basically teach you how-to write an effective cover letter, what common mistakes to avoid on your CV, a few interview tips, how-to finetune your LinkedIn Profile and how to brand yourself as a JobHunter


Is there more to learn?

Yes. We will quickly ‘evaluate’ your CV offering you the plain truth to improvement. So, please bring 2 printouts of your CV along. This offer is valid solely on the day of the seminar


FREE Post-Training Support

For one month, you will be part of our Post-Training Support group on Facebook.  So you even learn by reading our answers to the questions of your classmates.


We are the only ones in Ghana offering such a service.


Our Teaching Methodology.

Sure we got plenty of PowerPoint Slides ready. But we believe that THE ANSWER IS THE QUESTION !!!

So, we will use as examples the real life CVs, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles from those present at the training.



–The discounted fees for advance payment are 250 Cedis for the selected 4hrs session. On site registration will be 300 Cedis – cash only.

For current students and 2019 graduates the discounted fees for advance payment are are 150 Cedis but proof is required (Student ID or NSS registration form). On site registration will be 200 Cedis – cash only.

Optional: If you need an electronic certificate of attendance, please add 30 cedis to the attendance fees.


What else is included in these fees?

  • Your WritingMaterials (pen and notepad),
  • Light Snackand some
  • Commemorative Giftsof course!
  • And don’t forget the Brief review of your CV(bring a printout pls)


Special Promotional Discount

If you register 4 paid people -whether friends or from colleagues, your ticket will be free. Email us please if that is the case, the name of those 4 people.


The Registration Link

Please register at :


How-to Pay

  • AirtelTigo: 0261119383
  • MTN: 0553229803
  • Vodafone: 0502285155

The name of the account hold is Irene Gloria Addison.

Please add GTUC2707 in the reference section.

We verify mobile payments within 24 hrs. Your registration is concluded only if payment is received.


If you need to pay by bank transfer or bank deposit, contact us and we would provide you with that information.



How-else can we help you please?

If you need any assistance, please call us during business hours at 050 854 1760 (also WhatsApp) or email as at info [at] HIREseminars [dot.] com (remove the empty spaces, and replace please the [at] and the [dot.] with the right symbols


We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 27th and we encourage your active participation.


Thank you.

Irene Gloria Addison – Owner of HIREghana and

Comfort Quartey- Papafio, Head of Operations at HIREseminars


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