Snr FARM MANAGER m/f: 12,000-15.000 +car +accommodation +medical +so much more – much be really hands-on for at least 5 years in similar role and must have had experience managing 10-30 people – Odumasei in Bono Region


Our Client- a farm business is looking for a

seasoned Farm Operations Manager m/f

Location: Odumasei – Bono Region


Company Overview

The Farm is a family-owned, medium/large scale farm spanning 791 acres, specializing in cocoa, cashew, and fruit and vegetable production. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and maximizing productivity while ensuring the well-being of our employees and the environment.


The Job

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Farm Manager to oversee all aspects of farm operations, with a focus on staff recruitment, retention, and training.

The Farm Manager will be responsible for managing a team of farm workers and ensuring the efficient operation of the entire farm, including cocoa and cashew orchards, vegetable plantation, and unused land.

As a farm manager, you must have sound technical and practical knowledge about farming. Do you understand various agricultural practices? Are you familiar with advanced farming technologies?



Staff Recruitment and Training:

  • Recruit, hire, and train farm workers for various roles on the farm, including field labourers, equipment operators, and administrative staff.
  • Develop and implement training programs to ensure that all employees are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support to employees to foster professional growth and development.

Staff Retention and Motivation:

  • Implement strategies to improve employee morale and job satisfaction, such as recognition programs, team-building activities, and opportunities for advancement.
  • Address any issues or concerns raised by employees in a timely and effective manner to maintain a positive work environment.
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide feedback to employees to encourage continuous improvement.

Farm Operations Management:

  • Oversee all aspects of farm operations, including planting, harvesting, irrigation, pest control, crop mapping, equipment maintenance and training.
  • Develop and implement operational plans to optimize crop yield, minimize waste, and ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • Monitor weather conditions, market trends, and other factors that may impact farm operations and make adjustments as necessary.

Resource Management:

  • Manage the allocation of resources, including labour, equipment, and supplies, to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Develop and manage budgets for farm operations, ensuring that expenses are kept within approved limits and resources are used effectively.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvements to enhance overall farm profitability.

Environmental Stewardship:

  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and best practices for sustainable agriculture.
  • Implement measures to minimize the farm’s environmental footprint, such as soil conservation, water management, and wildlife habitat preservation.
  • Promote awareness of environmental issues among farm staff and stakeholders and encourage participation in conservation efforts.



  • Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, agronomy, or related field (Master’s degree preferred)
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in farm management, with a proven track record of success
  • Strong leadership and communication skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire a diverse team.
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities, with a keen attention to detail
  • Knowledge of modern farming techniques, equipment, and technology
  • Understanding of sustainability principles and commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment


Salary &  Benefits:

  1. Salary range 12-15,000 GHS depending on skills and experience
  2. Accommodation: Rented accommodation will be offered as part of the package.
  3. Health Insurance: we are currently investigating all private medical insurance options available.
  4. Company Vehicle: More than likely a 4×4 will be offered due to rural location of the farm.
  5. Other benefits are been defined as we type this

How-to Apply

As a  professional, we expect you to properly follow these instructions please:

  1. Apply only if you really qualify – must have 5 yrs or more hands-on experience managing an agriculturalmedium/large scalefarm(remember: the current one is 800 acres give or take) pls
  2. please no candidates with irrelevant experiences!!!!
  3. your CV should have accomplishments -and not a mere list of tasks/duties per role – a generic CV will not ‘fly’ with the client. So add per job the size of the farm, what produces and how many people did you manage
  4. Send us your highly customized 2-3 page  CV(longer CVs will be rejected since they do not reflect an ability to communicate with brief focused clear sentences)  CV in Word(so NO PDF files please)  to: CV @ HIREgh . com (remove empty spaces) with the appropriate heading:  ‘Bono Farm Manager in your email’s subject/ Title line.
  5. Ideally – not a must, use Arial font No 10 for all of your CV and Arial font No 12 and capitals for your headings, please
  6. Also, please indicate when is the earlier that you can start
  7. Give us your WhatsApp number please
  8. Once again: DO NOT SEND a CV that is 4 pages long nor a CV in PDF format or as GoogleDoc –our ATS is set to ignore CVs longer than 3 pages
  9. Please: No Google Docs either – we do not have permission to open them and getting one from you is too complex
  10. If you don’t follow these instructions, you will not be considered for these roles


: if you don’t customize your CV don’t expect that it will go through with flying colors and the client will invite you for an interview


We are looking forward to receiving your CV and meeting with you this week.

Thank you,



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  • We do NOT charge any fees – basically we do NOT work for you; so be extremely polite with us
  • We will ignore any application if our instructions are not followed (up).
  • We might amend, delete or expire jobs at any time without notification.
  • We reserve the right not to proceed with filling the position.
  • An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview.
  • We only follow up with successful candidates.
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