ACCRA- Abelenkpe: max $800 gross (8.000 GHS net) + for a Snr. Account Manager m/f, for an Experiential Marketing and Events Management firm-salary slightly negotiable for exceptional candidates – must have Project Management skills…

Our Client – a new to Ghana (Company is already 25 yrs old) Experiential Marketing firm, is looking for an

Account Manager, Customer Services m/f,

Experiential Marketing and Events Management

Location: job is in Accra -Abelenkpe

Reports to: Country General Manager

…….Age is not important but your ability to do the job is !!!!

The Client is a leading events management and experiential marketing company that specializes in creating memorable brand experiences. With a focus on innovation and creativity, they help brands connect with their target audiences and achieve their marketing objectives



The Account Manager establishes and nurtures long term relationships with clients and key stakeholders fostering trust, commitment and accountability to ensure delivery of optimal results for the business areas.

Join our Client and play a key role in shaping the future of experiential marketing in Ghana. Apply now to be part of that brand new passionate and innovative team!




Strategic planning

  • Leverage industry trends and service offerings to demonstrate Value Proposition and ROI (return on investment) to clients.
  • Drive forward innovation and business strategy for all accounts assigned to the role. Client


  • Effectively initiate, foster and manage relationships with clients through client follow ups, regular visits and consistent digital communication.
  • Monitor client satisfaction, understand and apply data-driven insights to influence strategies to drive the achievement of business goals.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate resolution of client escalations.
  • Communicate regularly with internal staff regarding client needs and requests, contractual obligations and work procedure changes to optimize customer satisfaction.
  • Draft precise reports after events to share with management and clients.
  • Build relationships with key client personnel.
  • Create business plans to address clients’ business needs.

Events Management

  • Brand management: manage brand items, identify and train brand ambassadors, maintain client branding items.
  • Event execution: set up, manage the field staff, manage the service providers and cross functional teams <<== you would basically perform Engagement Management activities- so Project Management experience is a must



  • Bachelor\’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Mass Communication or any other relevant degree is required; but: 3 additional years of related experience beyond the minimum may be substituted in lieu of a Degree.
  • 3 or more years of related Client Relationship experience and accountability for complex tasks and/or projects required.
  • Strong relationship management skills and demonstrated ability to influence decisions at leadership levels.
  • Strong resolution and follow-up skills.
  • Excellent executive level communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively navigate and mediate conflict and foster honest dialogue.
  • Advanced level of business acumen in the areas of business operations, industry practices and emerging trends required.
  • Business writing skills are an added advantage.


Success Factors:

Competency is a combination of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) directly related to successful performance on the job.

Core Competencies include:

  • Integrity: one who is trusted and presents truthful information and admits mistakes. Decision making: analyzes situations at both strategic and operational level. 3. Relationship builder: has ability to build and maintain effective relationships and networks both internally and externally.
  • Continuously learning: seeks opportunities to develop self and applies new knowledge and skills to meet the business need.
  • Communication: can articulate their views and those of the organization in a simple and understandable means to achieve a desired goal.
  • Business Acumen: has a solid understanding of the company’s business and is able to understand the customer’s need and align it to the strategic direction of the company.

Technical Competencies include:

  • Computer literacy: ability to use specific computer applications and programs in their functional area to improve the organization’s effectiveness, decision making and processes. Has the ability to improve performance by integrating new and existing technology into the workplace.
  • Innovative mindset: questions and seeks out information from multiple sources, learns from mistakes and sees change as an opportunity.
  • Customer engagement; ability to engage the customer in conversations that are useful to them by contributing relevant content.
  • Influence marketing skills: ability to develop interesting, timely and useful content that is relevant to attract the right clientele; content marketing
  • Data driven marketing: ability to use available data to determine what is working within the market and what is not working, target and convert customers into long term and high value customers in order to create fine segments that improve customer conversation ratios.


we care about your ability to do the job and not your age or gender


Working days

This is a 5-day a week job -unless there is an event taking place that we need to support


Salary + Benefits

Target Base Salary is $535-$800 USD gross – that is circa 5.200-8.000 cedis net depending on experience and what do you really bring on the table

The higher salary is for really exceptional candidates (eg coming for a Marketing or Advertising or PR company with a big contacts-network ) – salary might be slightly negotiable

The company is new to Ghana so Benefits will be defined later on please. There is no car provided at present.


How-to Apply

As a  professional, we expect you to properly follow these instructions please:

  1. Apply only if you really qualify – must have solid 6+ yrs B2B experience in Sales or Marketing or Account Management with a strong contacts- network…
  2. your CV should have accomplishments and not a mere list of tasks/duties per role
  3. Please add per job/role in your CV, the total revenue achieved by you
  4. Per job, mention the level of budgets that you have work with – if applicable
  5. Send us your highly customized 2-3 page  CV (longer CVs will be rejected since they do not reflect an ability to communicate with brief focused clear sentences)  CV in Word (so NO PDF files please)  to: CV @ HIREgh . com (remove empty spaces) with the appropriate heading: ‘Account Manager -Experiential’  in your email’s subject/ Title line.
  6. Ideally, use Arial font No 10 for all of your CV and Arial font No 12 and capitals for your headings, please
  7. Also, please indicate when is the earlier that you can start
  8. Give us your WhatsApp number please
  9. Once again: DO NOT SEND a CV that is 4 pages long nor a CV in PDF format or as GoogleDoc –our ATS is set to ignore CVs longer than 3 pages
  10. Please: No Google Docs either – we do not have permission to open them and getting one from you is too complex
  11. A FAIR WARNING: if you don’t customize your CV don’t expect that it will go through with flying colors and the client will invite you for an interview


We are looking forward to receiving your CV and meeting with you this week.

Thank you,



PS: Please by simply sharing or liking this, you might help a family member/ friend/ colleague/ Church member, to a new job with dignity. We care about that.

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  • We do NOT charge any fees – basically we do NOT work for you; so be extremely polite with us
  • We will ignore any application if our instructions are not followed (up).
  • We might amend, delete or expire jobs at any time without notification.
  • We reserve the right not to proceed with filling the position.
  • An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview.
  • We only follow up with successful candidates.
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